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Sean Hanford is information governance consultant at bluesource. He is an experienced senior sales engineer and consultant, with 20 years experience. He possesses a strong understanding of; information management solutions, archiving, eDiscovery, compliance, data loss prevention, data analysis.

Key Questions That’ll Test A GDPR Specialist’s Credentials

Despite all the noise around GDPR, there’s still a lack of clarity on how organisations can actually achieve compliance. The waters are being muddied further by increasing numbers of instant ‘experts’ claiming that they alone have the magic bullet to address GDPR requirements. Many companies are also asserting they can make organisations GDPR compliant – fast, but without gaining a thorough understanding of their business – this would prove pretty much impossible. The reality is that each business is different and unique in its own ways – so any off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all systems, or quick fixes – will prove ineffective. Ultimately, the most appropriate GDPR partner will have an organisation’s best interests at heart and possesses the expertise required to deliver success...