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Serge Denizyaran is a Lead Wireless Consultant at Systal Technology Solutions. He has a wealth of experience in this area with years of experience providing network consultation and support.

Retailers Should Look To The Cloud To Power Their Wi-Fi

Which aspect of retailing has a direct impact on staff productivity, cooperation and collaboration between stores, customer experience and future product development and marketing? In-store Wi-Fi might not be the first thing to spring to mind, but it actually has a close relationship with all of these factors – and many others – which is why delivering reliable, secure and cost-effective Wi-Fi should be a major priority for retailers in multiple different vertical markets. The reality, however, is that in an environment with severe pressure on profit margins and ever-stricter regulatory frameworks, many retailers are struggling to deliver high quality Wi-Fi. But there may be a solution. Why Wi-Fi Matters Wi-Fi for retailers has two possible audiences – staff and customers. From a staff per...