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Simon Niesler is vice-president and general manager, UK, Ireland and Benelux, Infor.

When Value Meets Vision

The Chief Financial Officer is often and mistakenly stereotyped as a frugal bean counter, protecting the company’s wallet with an unwavering vow to be prepared for the proverbial rainy day. At least, that is the old-school notion. The evolving role However, the manufacturing industry is changing at an unprecedented rate, and in tandem, this stereotype is diminishing rapidly. The role of the CFO has evolved to become one which is focused on strategy, casting a protective eye over security, regulations, and compliance, all critical issues with high stakes attached. Now, as the digital evolution sweeps through manufacturing, the role of the CFO must evolve again. It is new hat to wear for some CFOs, but one that is a good fit for individuals who understand the value of investing capital back ...