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Simon Youngs is the owner and MD of Diligent Cleaning. He has been in a service environment for the majority of his career. He is a very keen proponent of high-class client care and he believes that service excellence is a business's strongest asset; constantly striving to achieve total customer satisfaction.

How Important Is A Clean Workplace?

There are many reasons why it’s necessary to keep your office clean. Not least of these is that first impressions count. You’re not likely to do well in business if potential customers or employees step one foot inside your office and want to walk straight out again! A clean and tidy work space is one way to give a great impression and have people wanting to return. It creates the image of being an efficient and organised business that is run with focus. A company that is run professionally is immediately evident, whether it be a hotel or an office building. You can easily give the impression of a sloppy and careless approach if you have a poor attention to detail. And this attitude can merge into the culture of your company and will certainly reflect the way you do business and the level ...