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Sion Lewis is CEO of IRIS Accountancy Solutions. With over 17,000 customers, IRIS Accountancy Solutions exists to simplify the lives of accountants by making them more efficient and productive. Approximately, 44 per cent of all online submissions to HMRC and Companies House are made using IRIS software – the most efficient suite of integrated compliance, productivity and collaboration solutions for accountants to grow and evolve their practice.

GDPR Countdown: Are You Ready?

Last year the UK Government announced the Data Protection Act 1998 will be replaced by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from May 2018. The previous act was drafted before the internet and cloud computing had transformed the way personal data is traded and potentially exploited by businesses. GDPR aims to not only resolve these issues and therefore vastly improve security levels, but also enforce strict fines to ensure compliance. With less than 6 months until mandatory compliance, it’s vital businesses and their partners prepare for the upcoming legislation regardless of how far along their digital journeys they are. Failing to do so will incur fines which could cripple even the largest of firms – €20 million or four per cent of annual turnover, whichever is higher. To ensure this...