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Sridhar Iyengar is the VP of Product Management at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation. Sridhar was part of Zoho's initial startup team and has been building software products for over 20 years. Sridhar has the passion, entrepreneurial drive and proven track record to create multi-million dollar winning products with great customer experience. In ManageEngine, Sridhar has set a fast-paced, agile product culture that creates high-caliber teams, while working with cross-functional and executive teams to get stakeholder's buy in to get stuff done. He has a strong background in technology that has enabled him to play effective leadership roles in Product Management, Marketing, Program Management and Product Engineering. Sridhar is a product management and product culture evangelist, speaking and conducting Product Management workshops for NASSCOM product forums, startup hubs, IIT Madras and global Technology forums. He also mentors aspiring product builders & teams and publish thought-leadership content.

Top 5 Business Technology Trends For 2018

Growing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning with data analytics, and business intelligence. Business applications continue to churn out large volumes of data, and users are trying to mine that data to determine patterns and predict user behaviour. In e-commerce, users want to know customers’ buying patterns, which will help market products better. Website designers want to understand how visitors move through their sites in order to improve conversion rates. And companies want to analyse their sales data to correlate marketing dollars spent with sales dollars generated. Business intelligence and data analytics activities are becoming easier to perform, and that’s driving their adoption in mainstream businesses that are seeking to make better, faster decisions. 1. Rise Of AI-Po...