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As Managing Director of Littlefish, Steve is responsible for overseeing organisational growth and developing Littlefish's service capabilities, as well as ensuring that the business's strategic targets are realised. With a background in enterprise outsourcing both Steve and the wider team are able to utilise their experience in delivering complex managed service solutions whilst maintaining an agile, personalised approach, to ensure that service quality and experience is second to none.

The Evolution Of The Service Desk

The early Service Desk (more commonly referred to historically as the Computer Helpdesk, or just Helpdesk) was a simple beast, with capabilities ranging from fault reporting to direct assistance. It was technically capable, but also very much ‘tech’ focused. IT was not yet seen as the business enabler it is now recognised to be, and early Helpdesks did not focus on the needs of the user. It was simply about ‘keeping the lights on’. In the early days, Microsoft predominately drove the agenda, as its Windows operating system reached the desktop – and the masses. Next came the advent of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in the late 80s. Under the old Conservative regime, it was decided that government was spending too much replicating IT across different departments s...