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Sudhas spearheads content about how network technology, community, transparency, and sustainability are vital for 21st-century global trade.

Logistics In 2018: An Anxiety-Inducing War Of Tech Versus Economics

Logistics management can be rewarding, satisfying, and lucrative – but for companies and consumers alike, it’s still only a means to an end. The end is profit and happy consumption. And in 2018, the logistics industry will confront many challenges in delivering both. Here’s why. Consumers Only Expect What The Best Innovator Can Deliver If you remember a couple years ago, business enemy number one was the all-powerful millennial consumer who ditches brands at the slightest provocation and demands the world. Well, people have sobered on that idea a bit. It turns out consumers aren’t inventing new expectations out of thin air and hurling them at brands. They’re being taught what to expect, almost entirely by Amazon. If you look at the history of both consumer and business technology, expectat...