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Tom Harwood is Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Aeriandi.

What Threat Does ‘The Insider’ Pose To The Contact Centre?

From financial institutions to retailers, most businesses either directly operate or outsource to a contact centre. With such widespread focus on cyber security, the call centre is now arguably the weakest point of entry for fraudulent activity. Research shows that in the last year there has been a significant increase in the amount of money organisations are losing to phone fraud. In the UK, £0.86 per call is lost to phone fraud — an increase from £0.51 in 2015. Data security is an increasingly topical discussion point, particularly for large organisations consumers trust to look after their data. This has resulted in billions of pounds being invested in security every year, and according to IDC, information security spending will top $101 billion by 2020. However, a chain is only as stro...

How The Cloud Could Close The PCI DSS Compliance Gap

With heightened concerns around data theft surrounding credit card information, businesses that take payments either online or over the phone are obligated by law to ensure they offer customers the highest levels of data security possible. This can be achieved through compliance with the twelve requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). However, it can be a struggle to maintain a fully PCI compliant security solution in-house.  Technology is constantly evolving, and to keep on top of this can be draining on budget and on internal resources. Having said this, another compliance challenge is that the size of the company’s Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) needs fully protecting. This is because PCI DSS compliance applies to an organisation’s entire CDE, which...

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