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Valerie Malecha is the content manager at Spokeo - people search engine. Her specialties are business, marketing and leadership topics. She also enjoys hiking and helping others.

4 Tips To Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online

We live in a world of modern technology, online communications; in a world where the Internet rules. On the one hand, it gives us the ability to quickly and productively look for information, communicate with colleagues and friends, and even perform job assignments. But on the other hand, we can no longer feel completely safe, because all our data is on the network and is often not well protected. So, in our time, any personal files can get into public access. Many people do not think about the consequences of getting such content in public access. But in fact, it is worth considering. Disclosure of personal information can lead to all kinds of frauds, blackmail and even a threat to life. In this article, I have mentioned four tips on how to protect your data online. 1. Only strong passwor...