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Vincent has driven and overseen the implementation of Interxion's highly successful market segmentation strategy. He has 15 years of experience in the international telecommunications industry, and a profound understanding of the evolving product design, positioning, implementation and marketing processes within the carrier, mobile and data centre environments. Before joining Interxion, Vincent was Head of Global Mobile Data Services at BT Global Services. He was Senior Product Manager Global VPN for KPNQwest, and a Key Account Manager at KPN. Prior to this he was a market analyst for Airbus Industries and Unisource. He studied International Marketing at the Higher European Business School in The Hague and holds a degree in Economics from Paderborn University in Germany.

What Is Hybrid Cloud And How Can It Benefit Connectivity?

While not the only barometer of the embryonic, the escalating and the potentially important, Google Trends does illustrate evolving developments better than most. Search for the term “hybrid cloud” on Trends and you’ll see a mountain of public interest rise from sea level in early 2010 to today’s current peak.  There have been significant milestones along the way, yet interest in hybrid cloud has never been greater than it is today. According to our recent IDC research report, 53 percent of European enterprises currently or plan to use a hybrid cloud solution for their corporate IT. Why? Hybrid cloud offers a number of benefits to your business, chief among them the ability to take control of corporate IT assets in the service of business objectives, such as growing into a new market or im...