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William is an ITIL certified Compliance Officer based in iland’s Houston headquarters. He specializes in compliance certification audit processes, contract management, and document control. In order to achieve his objectives, he frequently coordinates with both customers and various iland teams, including Sales Operations, Product, and Support. He holds a Juris Doctor degree and an International Law Certificate from Tulane University. Prior to joining iland, he worked for a law firm that specialized in Litigation Management Solutions for four years.

3 Steps To Ensure Data Protection In The Cloud

Despite the burgeoning column inches designated to articles discussing the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the truth of the matter is that most UK businesses are still in the dark over a number of key issues related to GDPR compliance even though the deadline for compliance is a little over six months away. Let’s be honest, many organisations are still coming to terms with embryonic questions relating to what the GDPR actually is, let alone understanding the intricate details of the regulation, such as what ‘personal data’ really means and what their responsibilities are with regard to the personal data of their customers. Then, when you throw into the mix the fact that conservative estimates indicate that 88% of UK organisations now have a cloud footprint to consider, y...