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Youen Chéné is CTO at Saagie. Visionary software engineer. Active in tech communities.

Is The End Of Hadoop Near?

A significant stock price correction took place in April for two of the three major Hadoop distributions (Cloudera and Hortonworks – the third one, MapR, not being a publicly traded company). Since both companies took an almost simultaneous hit my take is that the underlying Hadoop technology explains the market correction to a large extent (see here and here other articles pointing this out). Getting Hadoop to work for business is incredibly difficult and time-consuming (as a reference this excellent article explaining the efforts it took Uber to master big data).  Corporates that invested massively in Hadoop-powered Datalakes are facing serious challenges to derive business value (to put it simply) or to transform themselves into data-centric organizations (as many consultants would phra...