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Yuri is a business expert and multi-project management evangelist with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is a co-founder and CEO of software development company HYS Enterprise and co-owner of the Epicflow PM software that helps CEOs better orient themselves in multi-project environments.

Stop Killing Your Employees’ Motivation And Try This

Have you ever wondered what the killers of motivation are? Lack of purpose and goals; lack of trust; excessive control and the inability to achieve objectives on your own; unnecessary rules; no appreciation. There are myriad killers of motivation, which almost always fall into one of the above categories. None should be ignored, as they all threaten your company. Why Personal Performance Measurement Is A Dangerous Road In pursuit of the right way to boost motivation, I was first driven by the logic of performance appraisal, extensively thinking about carrot-and-stick methods and a kind of bonus model. The connection between measurement, bonuses, and motivation seemed clear. Indeed, there are situations when bonuses are the only way to go, for example in sales and customer support. Simplify...