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Yvonne Cook is General Manager at DataRobot UK - a game changing machine learning predictive analytics platform for data scientists of all levels to build, & deploy, highly accurate predictive models. Before joining DataRobot Yvonne held senior positions with SAP, Revolution Analytics and Netezza.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Machine Learning Model Deployment

Our societies and economies are in transition to a future shaped by artificial intelligence (AI). To thrive in this upcoming era, companies are transforming themselves by using machine learning, a type of AI that that allows software applications to make accurate predictions and recommend actions without being explicitly programmed.   There are three ways that companies successfully transform themselves into AI-driven enterprises, differentiating them from the companies that mismanage their use of AI: They treat machine learning as a business initiative, not a technical speciality. They have higher numbers of machine learning models in production. They have mastered simple, robust, fast, and repeatable ways to move models from their development environment into systems that form the operat...