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Zsolt Fehér has been working in the HR consulting industry for 20 years. He has held numerous workshops in corporate leadership, HR development and management, and has published over 100 articles on the topic. He was CEO of Assessment Systems International before being appointed as Managing Director of Hogan Assessments Europe.

The Future Of HR: 5 Hot Trends Shaping The Industry In 2018

HR is constantly changing thanks to new technologies and with so many organisations now collecting data of employees’ activities and performance, most of the trends in HR assessment for 2018 involve people analytics. Software and strategic data analysis also offer solutions for large enterprises where monitoring individuals is more difficult. 1. Using Big Data & AI To Predict Future Behaviour From Past Behaviour With the potential to gather a large amount of the most accurate information on candidates and employees, people analytics – the usage of big data – has evolved as the primary tool for HR professionals in almost every aspect of workforce planning. The most advanced algorithms can not only mine and analyse data to make strategic personnel decisions, but also take it ...