Chris Livesey

Chris Livesey, Vice President at Micro Focus, started his 17 years in the IT and software industry as a software developer and architect, and combines deep expertise in software specification, design and continuous quality improvement with more than 10 years of software solution sales leadership. Chris joined Micro Focus from IBM, where he held several senior management positions including heading the company’s Northern European Rational Software business. He joined IBM through its acquisition of Rational Software, where during his 7-year tenure he performed a variety of technical and sales management roles. In addition to a long series of successes in growing software businesses, he has extensive experience in software company acquisitions, and maximising and accelerating the productivity of acquired software companies.

Why Marketers Should Care About Website Performance Testing

Companies all around the world rely on business applications to execute critical transactions all day, every day. There’s no such thing as a normal day, unusually high demands such as promotional or seasonal trading can be a regular occurrence, making it crucial that these applications’ environments are prepared for the extreme. Those who are left unprepared are vulnerable to service outages, cust...