Jon Smith

Jon Smith, VP Marketing and Product Development at Whisbi, has over 14 years experience in on- and offline marketing. Previously Jon Smith was part of the start-up team for Europe, where he launched the DVD and video verticals in the UK market. He was also director of development at and has served as managing director of Inpress, Toytopia, Espressio and Convert247. The best-selling author of 12 books, including Get Into Bed With Google, Smarter Business Start-Ups, Grow your business with Google Adwords and Dominate Your Market With Twitter, Jon’s remit at Whisbi currently covers product development, on and offline lead-generation, client, partner and media relations, the operation and localisation of the company’s websites and mobile presence, social media, PR, branding and marketing communications.

Facebook Advertising Doesn’t Work: How To Turn Engagement Into Revenue

Vanity marketing has had its day. Organisations can no longer afford to spend money on social media campaigns that deliver no quantifiable return. It is time for Facebook to justify its $80bn valuation and for social marketers to demonstrate something more tangible than nebulous brand recognition figures. The problem is that social campaigns don’t generate sales. Consumers rarely click on Facebook...