Paige Leidig

Paige Leidig has 20 years of experience in technology, marketing, and selling enterprise application solutions and managing trusted customer relationships. As SVP of Marketing, he is responsible for all aspects of marketing at CipherCloud. Paige was previously in the Office of the CEO at SAP, where he was responsible for leading and coordinating SAP’s acquisition and integration activities on a global basis. He has managed a number of marketing initiatives at SAP, including responsibility for all go-to-market activities for SAP’s Cloud applications portfolio. Preceding his SAP career, Paige held senior management positions with Ariba, Elance, and E*Trade.

Just What Is Public Cloud?

In the last few years, few technologies have revolutionised enterprise IT the way cloud technology has. A vast ecosystem of cloud-based infrastructure, platform and application providers have made it easier and more cost-effective than ever before for businesses to consolidate and streamline their operations, mobilise their workforces and scale up—or scale out—their computing initiatives. But the ...

5 Cloud Security Recommendations For Toughened PCI Guidelines

UK businesses are increasingly flocking to cloud services to reap cost savings and greater IT agility. According to the Cloud Industry Forum, over 75 per cent of UK businesses will be using at least one cloud service by the end of 2013. But, many organisations still aren’t clear on their responsibilities for protecting their data in the cloud. Cloud users commonly assume that, by working with a th...