Trefor Davies

Trefor Davies is the former CTO of Timico, now CTO of He is also a council member of both ISPA and ITSPA (of which he was a founder member), a member of the industrial panel of Bangor University Engineering Department and of UK Internet Minister (DCMS) Ed Vaizey’s advisory panel for IPv6. Tref is also on the Technology Reference Panel of the Information Commissioner’s Office and was for four years a board member of the SIP Forum at a critical time in the development of the technology. He has been very active in promoting the problem of rural access to broadband and the need for businesses to adopt IPv6. He was very heavily engaged in the debate with politicians and Copyright Holders in the run up to the passing of the Digital Economy Act and is now active in discussions with MPs and stakeholders against the notion of introducing website blocking. He appeared in front of the Joint Select Committee of the Draft Communications Data Bill.