Automating Corporate Clock-Watching

Getting up and ready for work on a cold (perhaps snowy) and wet Monday can be grim. Most of us know that feeling. The problem arises when your people start choosing not to come to work at all.

Of course, people can have any number of valid reasons for not being able to make it into the office, from illness and injury to family crises and annual leave. But even the valid excuses need to be tracked and monitored to ensure regulatory compliance and adequate levels of productivity.

The key to tracking the whereabouts of an organisation’s people is time and attendance (T&A) software, which provides an accurate recording of an employee’s time and movement. At its best, rather than just making people feel spied upon, T&A software aids employee engagement.

As a starting point, you’ll need to make sure that your T&A software records the HR basics, such as working hours, flexi-time, absence and lateness. Such an approach will allow your organisation to create an accurate and real-time record of staff movement. T&A accuracy can also be maintained through flexi-time reporting and functionality that manages leave, time in-lieu and holiday entitlement.

T&A software can also provide a tighter grip on HR administration and instant access to timely information, enabling improved decision making whilst helping supervisors to quickly identify potential T&A issues.

The need for additional T&A functionality is dependent on organisational demands. Functionality-rich T&A software can identify job costings, for example, showing how much particular employees or contractors financially contribute to the business.

By opting for a solution that allows the business to track and trace employees’ movements throughout the organisation’s offices, T&A technology can also be used to aid security Overall, your system should be easy to configure, compliant-ready and integrated with other key HR and payroll areas to produce a holistic approach to human capital management.

Staff also tend to respond positively to having time and attendance controls in place as it ensures a level playing field. After all, when staff appear to ‘get away with’ poor time keeping and repeated absence, it can breed discontentment within a team, potentially leading to disengagement and disruption.

And so, with the right T&A technologies in place, the organisation is ensuring that its most valuable and costly asset – its people – are being effectively monitored without being too ‘big brother’.

Perhaps clock-watching is a good thing after all!

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Dean Dickinson is Managing Director of Advanced Business Solutions, formerly COA Solutions. Dean has been in the finance software business since 1990. He was part of the senior management team at QSP/Arelon prior to the acquisition by COA Solutions at which time he became Deputy Managing Director for the business as a whole. Since the acquisition of COA Solutions by Advanced Computer Software Group in February 2010, Dean has become Managing Director for Advanced Business Solutions. He is a specialist in consultancy and has a strong knowledge of business processes within a high volume/high value environment.