Avoiding The IT Pitfalls Associated With The Christmas Rush

Christmas IT

The Christmas period is often one of the most hectic times of the year for many businesses. While Christmas itself is a whirlwind of increased custom and a heavier workloads, the preparations that take place to get ready for the period can be just as important a factor for the business as its actual operation over the winter months. These preparations will commonly include maintaining higher levels of stock, hiring Christmas staff and increasing seasonal promotions, but one of the most vital, and often overlooked areas, is the businesses technology and hardware.

Hardware failures can be one of the most disastrous things for businesses. Simple checks of all hardware, both highly used and spare equipment, can reduce the risk of anything going wrong when they are most needed. Damaged or high failing hardware should be upgraded or replaced before the shopping period begins in order to make sure everything is up and running correctly, ready for the increased pressure the season is likely to bring.

Many businesses make use of temporary staff over the Christmas period to help ease the rise in demand. While these team members are essential for many businesses to cope over the winter months, they will not necessarily be familiar with the hardware they will be required to use. Human error is one of the major causes of hardware failures within businesses, and improperly trained new staff greatly increases the threat of equipment being damaged.

IT support is an essential resource over the Christmas period, whether businesses have their own internal IT support team or choose to work with an external support team. While it is recommended for businesses to check their hardware themselves, it is worthwhile getting a second opinion from an IT support professional, as they may uncover problems that others may have missed or might impact performance , reducing the strain on hardware when it needs to be operating at its peak.

Having regular access to IT support is crucial for businesses to ensure they will reduce any downtime to a minimum. Being able to contact support staff at any time during business hours and have them arrive quickly and fully equipped to repair issues on-site is one of the most important safety nets for any business, meaning if any faults disrupt their operation, they can be sure they will running as normal as soon as possible.

It is also worth communicating any questions you might have about their operation over the Christmas period. For example, do they have additional spares to account for the increased demand? Are they aware of any events that may reduce their ability to get to the business? In all locations. Will they be increasing the field engineering workforce over the period?

Seeking advice from a specialist third party is often the best course of action for a business, especially with such a make or break period of the year approaching. External IT support teams are able to take a fresh look at the business and their equipment, and what should be done to ensure reliability over the Christmas period. Their impartial advice can also help introduce businesses to new technologies or resilience practices they may have not be aware of which will give their systems greater stability and improved performance.

It is important for business to repair any issues before Christmas not only to maintain high levels of usability over the period, but also to reduce the risk of repeating failures during, and into the sales, which can cause maintenance costs to rise with the increased call outs that are required. Christmas puts a huge strain on businesses as a whole, and any damage that is incurred during the period is likely to continue affecting the business well into the New Year, if not properly repaired and maintained.

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Alan Watson

Following a recent management buyout, Alan Watson is the managing director and majority shareholder of Barron McCann. Having worked within Barron McCann for over 20 years, Alan always prefers to describe himself as one of the ‘plumbers’, due to his technical background. But it is precisely this experience that ensures that Alan is always looking at the development of Barron McCann as a company from the perspective of the customer and the problems that he can address and solve. His aspirations for the future of the company place it very firmly at the forefront of retail evolution. Alan is driving forward an exciting and ambitious plan of expansion and acquisition that will continue to position Barron McCann as one of the leading IT support providers in the industry.