Bulgarian City Official Loses Committee Post Because Of Farmville Addiction

The Sofia, Bulgaria, news site novinite.com is reporting that a city councilor in Bulgaria’s second largest city of Plovdiv was voted out of a city council committee because he wouldn’t stop playing Farmville during meetings.

The Plovdiv city hall recently got wireless Internet and city councilors got laptop computers. Two weeks ago council chairman Ilko Iliev started to get irritated by council members playing Farmville during budget hearings.

“However, the real scandal erupted during Thursday’s meeting of the City Council when the most persistent Farmville enthusiast, Dimitar Kerin from the nationalist party Ataka, was voted out of the committee he was part of because of his Facebook addiction,” novinite.com reported.

“The proposal to remove Kerin from his respective municipal committee came from Todor Hristov, a former member of Kerin’s party, who has argued that Kerin ‘needs more time for his virtual farm.’”

In his own defense, Kerin pointed out that he had reached only level 40 in Farmville, but a councilor from the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party (rightist) had made it to level 46.

Novinite.com story here.

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  • mpn

    It seems to me this Farm Ville game has a lot more people addicted than is apparent. I was invited to take part in it and started playing a couple of weeks ago. I am not prone to addiction or gaming, but within 10 days, it was all I could think about: plowing, planting, harvesting and milking the cows, collecting gifts and visiting other peoples farms for points. All of a sudden, I saw it was taking over my days and decided to quit at level 15. Like I said, I'm not prone to this kind of thing and was able to identify the problem early; there must be a lot of people who can't.

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  • Ahh Farmville …. you're my favorite waste of time :)