Business Users Don’t Take Holidays, Especially If They Own An iPad


My company today released analysis of it’s closely monitored usage statistics, revealing a variety of findings on tablet and mobile phone usage over Q4 of 2011. Most notable was that two-thirds of the usage of iOS based devices (Apple iPhone/iPad) occurred during business hours (8AM-6PM).

Further, iOS devices comprised 70% of overall usage, over double that of Android-based devices (28%).

My company’s focus on businesses and lack of a “freemium” customer base means that the data returned reflects use by business users who are paying customers, and not consumers. Holiday usage provides one of the more interesting data points.

When looking at daily mobile usage for Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we found use remained consistent with regular non-holiday weekends. Thanksgiving day was actually highest for a weekend at 2% of monthly usage (non-holiday weekends range from a low of 1.2% of traffic to a high of 2.1% of traffic).

Tablet and mobile phone usage has surged, and our records show a 10-fold increase over the past 6 months, indicating that the business sector has not escaped this trend.

The Pew Research Center released a study this week that indicates that the holiday season has produced a dramatic doubling in ownership of tablet devices amongst college graduates, growing to 31%.

In addition with over 100 tablets introduced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics show, the trend to mass adoption of tablets becomes self evident.

Business people are using their tablets and phones everyday to get their jobs done, whether it’s a company supplied device or their own, mobile devices are a necessity. Given that reality, companies need to embrace the new work paradigm and provide their users with fast, secure and scalable solutions that let them collaborate with their co-workers and vendors, no matter where they are.

That’s where the hybrid cloud shines, providing fast behind the firewall access for office bound users, and the accessibility of the cloud when they are working remote.

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Vineet Jain is the CEO and co-founder of Egnyte. Prior to Egnyte, Vineet founded Valdero, a supply chain software solution provider, funded by KPCB, MDV and Trinity Ventures. He has held a rich variety of senior operational positions at companies including KPMG and Bechtel. He has 20 years' experience in building capital efficient organisations.