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Does An Academic Editing Service Get Your Paper Ready Following A Specific Journal Guideline?


After conducting your research and compiling your data you are ready to publish your research. It sounds like an easy step, but, in addition to writing your findings you have to first figure out what kind of research article you are going to publish. Is it going to be a letter—rapid or short communication, a review paper or a full article? After deciding, you have to find the right journal to publish in.

If you can answer these questions before you start writing you will save yourself a lot of time, because depending on the type of article and the journal you chose, the formatting of your manuscript will be different. Formatting to fit a specific journal’s guidelines is a big part of the publication process. If you fail to do this correctly your article might be sent back to you promptly without even a glance at the content. 

Now, many researchers may pause here and think that this should not matter because they know they are going to send their paper to an academic editing service anyway so why can’t they just format it in a general manner and then let the paper editing company format it based on the journal they select? Well, simply put, manuscript editing services, in general, do not do this type of formatting.

Why is that? Well, among all of the academic fields, each has up to hundreds of journals that publish articles with information relevant to that particular field. This means that in 10 different fields there might be up to 1,000 different journals that could be used to publish papers, which would mean that manuscript editing services would have to be ready to format paper based on thousands of different guidelines. That is essentially impossible, but not for some manuscript editing services.

Every now and then you might find a manuscript editing service that will perform manuscript formatting, but again this is not common. As an alternative, if you are still not up to doing this type of formatting on your own, often, the journal publishers will actually offer this type of service for a fee of course. But the turnaround time will be huge and your paper will stay unpublished for a very long time.

At any rate, it is important to know precisely what the journal requires and to follow these guidelines to a tee. Overall, the more you publish the easier this task will become as you realise there are many general rules that most publishers follow.

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