eBooks? E-Benefits! Using eBooks To Benefit Your Business

Using eBooks To Benefit Your Business

An eBook doesn’t have to be a scary, technical term. Put simply it’s an electronic book that we read on a screen, rather than on paper, and when you create one yourself you can easily add text, images and even interactive features. As a marketing device, an eBook is a powerful tool that will engage your customers with valuable content that they can read on-the-go across multiple platforms. Here are some of the ways publishing eBooks can benefit your business.

Technology doesn’t stop and neither will your customers

With advances in technology, one thing is clear, people want everything now! eBooks provide your customers with exactly that in a focused package, and they make reading comfortable on a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones. So, you can quickly and easily equip your reader with the information they want – and only the information they want, i.e. with no page clutter – which can aid customer service and even increase brand awareness.

What’s the key to a great relationship? Communication!

Whether in your professional or personal life, communication is key to a successful and mutually beneficial relationship. The relationship you have with your customers determines the success of your business so offering them unique and up-to-date content will help retain and gain customers.

eBooks are perfect for this, enabling you to distribute useful, unique content via social media channels to your online community. For example, a blog post might act as a teaser for your eBook, which, when downloaded, gives readers valuable information or advice whenever and wherever they need it.

Sounds interesting but what about a blog instead?

Yes a blog is a great way to present your customers with high-quality content. But on smartphones, blogs are often more limited as they need to be designed and optimised for mobile devices. Once downloaded, an eBook can be ready anytime, and are optimised for any screen. There’s no need to rely on potentially poor Internet connections when you’re on-the-go and because there is no limit on the amount of content you include in your eBook, you can choose to provide lengthier publications in one go, rather than leaving readers waiting for the next instalment.

Drive traffic! Don’t get stuck in rush hour

Another benefit of eBooks is their interactivity. You can include colourful graphics, video and sound, and link to specific pages on your website. The result of building relationships will be readers looking for somewhere to go having read the high-quality content in your eBook. And being able to link through to your site will drive traffic. You can also drive readers to your website by posting eBooks as chapters or sections of a complete story. This way, your high-quality content will regularly keep them coming back for more.

Cut costs, not customers

With eBooks, there are no printing, publishing or distribution costs to worry about and amending or updating your content is much easier than marketing in print. In fact, all you need is an Internet connection and desktop publishing software to create and publish your high-quality content.

With online marketing ever-evolving and more and more businesses benefiting from it, using an eBook as a marketing tool shouldn’t be overlooked. When you consider that eBooks can attract email signups, build customer relationships, and drive traffic to your website, while being so easy and inexpensive to create, using an eBook as a marketing tool is something you should definitely consider.

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Dale Cook

Dale Cook is Serif’s Product Marketing Manager for WebPlus and PagePlus, both of which are designed for small business marketing and other visual communications. His background is mainly in the UK tech industry, having previously worked as a technical author, trainer, tech support manager, PC engineer and IT consultant, with early years in retail management. When not working or reading the news and tech blogs, he’s a keen traveller with special interests in fast motorbikes and continental Europe.

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