REVIEW: FreshBooks

  • Brian Oberkirch

    Christian: this is a great review touting the power of hosted billing apps for small teams. As more people go solo and small teams collaborate remotely, apps like Freshbooks (and our billing app, Blinksale –, are going to become more & more important. Your readers should also check out the Small Business Web ( for a collection of small biz apps that continue the trend toward integration you mention in the review.

    Exciting times for small business tools and powerful independents.

  • Mike McDerment

    Thanks for taking the time to write us up (FreshBooks)! Really nice to read such a well researched piece. We're constantly evolving (literally daily/weekly) and to that end, I thought I might interest you and some of your readers to know we've added Profit/Loss statement, including COGS since you wrote this piece. We've also fancied up a number of other reports (Taxes, expenses) so it might be worth a look!

    Anyway…thanks again for the mention!

  • Scott

    I'm all for simplified invoicing and accounting systems and its' great to hear that FreshBooks fits in with the simplified idea. Maybe QuickBooks could "borrow" a few of their ideas to simplify :-)

    Unfortunately, many businesses find out far too late just how powerful (and necessary) an accurate profit and loss report is to their business. Learning how much money a business made or lost once per year at "tax time" isn't helpful, and can be downright detrimental.

    The profit and loss report is one of the critical financial reports a business owner needs to understand and monitor on a regular basis.

    Not having that capability and requiring a supplemental system to be bolted on to get it seems to create more complexity than a business owner needs.

    Maybe we'll see FreshBooks grow into that type of capability as their feature set expands.

    Scott Gregory

  • Craig

    Just want to mention Simplybill – it has plans start at $5/month and we’ve just updated it with a new look and more features. Why not try it out free for 30 days. Look out for the upcoming free iPhone app to do invoicing on the go.

  • Paul King

    Great article. Have been meaning to try out Quickbooks, as it's popped up on my radar a few times. Paul, – activity tracking for freelancers

  • rony

    I have tried various cloud based invoicing apps for my business and keep exploring more options. One application that has really impressed me with its features and interface is Invoicera ( Have just started to use it and it is good.


    • Christian Harris

      Thanks for the heads-up Rony. However, you wouldn't happen to work for Invoicera would you?

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