Get Safe Online Week is an opportunity to educate employees

Next week is Get Safe Online Week. This government initiative takes place every year to raise awareness of online safety issues amongst consumers and small businesses.

The Get Safe Online Summit, being held in central London on Monday 7th November reaches out to larger businesses and organisations to harness their support and encourage the spread of their key security messages.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote your organisation’s information security policies and raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal information online. It’s likely that your business and its employees are connected to the Internet every day of every week. Being safe online should be as much of a priority as simply being online.

Prevention is better than the cure

Get Safe Online explains that people only need to spend a couple of hours next week to learn more about the serious risks present online and to ensure their PC is protected. The consequences of ignoring dangers such as viruses, identity theft and online fraud have the potential to ruin an individual’s financial livelihood; supporting this event and using it as an excuse to bring these issues into the limelight is vital for security professionals everywhere.

Security begins at home

Many organisations strive to achieve behavioural change in the workplace, but are often unsure about where to start. Government initiatives like Get Safe Online Week enable you to alter the common negative perception of security and demonstrate how important it is to employees and their families. Launch a campaign that focuses on protecting employees at home and the sorts of behaviour encouraged in this context will soon filter into the workplace.

Prepare for times of vulnerability

As we approach the festive season, raising the profile of online security becomes particularly pertinent. If the previous years’ figures are anything to go by, e-commerce will reach an all-time high this December. Likewise, cybercriminals can be expected to exploit the growth in popularity of online shopping; scams, fraud and social engineering attacks are known to be rife at this time of year.

Utilise good resources

The Get Safe Online website is a useful resource for anyone looking to learn more about protecting themselves and their family online and can be easily integrated into corporate security campaigns. Visit to find out more and show your support for this important initiative.

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Bernadette Palmer MA ICM, Dip ICM has been with The Security Company (TSC) for five years as Senior Communications Consultant. Bernadette’s in-depth understanding of the communications environment and the role of security awareness within organisations has been an invaluable asset for TSC in winning business from a wide range of companies. Before working for TSC, Bernadette was the Senior Employee Communications Manager for BT Major Business, BT Business and BT Products and Services; where she managed a team of communication specialists delivering a suite of services to internal clients. Prior to this Bernadette worked as the Security Awareness Manager for BT Security for six years where she gained an invaluable insight into the world of security within organisations.