Google+ is bewildering, to say the least!

Google+ seems to have exacerbated this conversation with a whole raft of debate on the new platform and brands. For many, there will be at least a part of them that sighs and wonders how they will add in yet another social network. (is that you?)

For others, they will be keen as mustard to tell you that it’s another great marketing tool and that as soon as Google let you, you should be all over it. I agree with those who see the opportunity to actually take a more measured approach allowing you time to see how it works in with other plans and your objectives.

More importantly, having entered early, it was a great reminder of what it is like to come to something fairly new. Coming to a social network anew can be bewildering, to say the least! The advantage of understanding it personally first, is that it’s less high profile. It gives you time to see what is working and hoe others are using it.

If you use social media for your work this can be an invaluable time to play and experiment so that then when the doors are open, it’s not a case of jumping on the bandwagon but because you are absolutely confident of knowing and communicating the benefits.

Luxuriate in the opportunity to learn

At the moment, as professionals and as business people we have the opportunity precisely because Google+ feels so new to approach it with a beginners mind. As a marketer, your opportunity is to think about how someone who is not a marketer (or not very techy) may be experiencing it.

To share your learning as you find it, before you forget the lessons as you get more confident. To see what people you trust are saying about it, and how they are using it.

Please do share in the comments how you get comfortable with the new social media tools out there. It’s more powerful when we learn together!

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Claire Chapman is a social media expert. Claire's journey into social media has been one that has built up over time. When she trained as a coach, she started connecting with people on different coaching niche membership sites and forums, and started finding that these were a great way to keep connected to the industry and peers, as well as spotting potential coaching opportunities. Since September 2009, Claire has also been working part time for Intendance in London, a full service Web firm who offers a complete range of Web & design services as their Social Media Specialist.