Helping SMEs To Cloud Heaven

Simplify Cloud Processes

Boasting optimised efficiency, flexibility and productivity cloud services are the ‘solution to every SMEs data management problems’. However the reality of today’s cloud services is far behind the promise. Whilst some SMEs have realised the benefits of the cloud, many aren’t taking advantage of it, or effectively utilising the services they are paying for.

Research we recently conducted revealed an alarming trend of IT managers are yet to make the most of cloud computing, 84% in fact. Without asking the obvious questions SMEs are at risk of only further complicating their data management and cloud processes and enabling the cloud to often become a null and void expense.

I have witnessed a number of businesses encounter difficulties in effectively adopting and managing the cloud. Time and time again the same issues occur: it’s not self-service, there is no single interface for technology or the components aren’t working together. Businesses alike are all encountering the same issues.

Deployment and management

It is important for SMEs to be able to build and manage their cloud processes on their terms. For many, managing one cloud platform, let alone multiple platforms can be a complex and daunting task. However, it is important for SMEs to take control of their technology and embrace self-service.

Good cloud management platforms enable SMEs to take charge and control their platforms in an easy and efficient way, ensuring accessibility and visibility to departments within the business, other than IT. From HR to marketing, management platforms are designed to be user friendly, enabling ease of use to navigate them. Effective cloud management platforms also provide SMEs with a clean, intuitive user interface allowing them to simply manage and move their applications and services easily.

The control gained from a cloud management platform also enables your business to view and assess your resources and more specifically those that are being underutilised. By identifying what assets are being underutilised SMEs are able to ensure they are really getting the most out of their business and more bang for their buck.

With the right cloud solution and an effective cloud management platform, this simplified approach enables you to take advantage of their technology and benefit from features such as personalised platforms and greater flexibility.

Cloud heaven

As I’m sure you’re aware, in today’s competitive economy, a scalable and agile IT environment is a great asset and advantage. With a cloud management platform in place, SMEs can quickly and effectively evolve their approach towards provisioning and delivering solutions across the business and significantly improve their operational efficiencies.

The key to achieving success is having a full and comprehensive understanding of the cloud solution that you have in doing so you will be able to substantially simplify your organisations cloud processes. Having a complete understanding of this will ensure that SMEs are optimising their resources.

It is also important for you to have defined a cloud strategy or roadmap. According to our research, 57% of IT managers surveyed said they had no defined cloud strategy to follow at all. Without this how are you able to truly optimise and benefit from the cloud? The cloud is all about the ability to share and manage your IT resources more efficiently. Bearing all of this in mind will help guide SMEs to cloud heaven.

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Jim Darragh

Jim Darragh is the CEO of Abiquo and joined the company in September 2012 with a vision to aggressively grow the business and deliver shareholder value. Prior to this he held the position of SVP & General Manager of the Stingray business unit at Riverbed Technology, a role he began in July 2011 following his influential leadership as CEO at Zeus Technology. Jim was instrumental in the acquisition of Zeus by Riverbed in 2011, spearheading an award-winning exit that attracted considerable attention in the European equity markets. Prior to Zeus, Jim has a long history of building successful international software businesses across the industry at SAP, CA Technologies and BMC Software.