How To Choose The Perfect Password

Computer password

Passwords are the first line of defense for pretty much everything … websites, email, laptops, desktop and mobile phones.

Various password-cracking methods exist which use automated software to guess passwords; the three main methods are to use dictionary words, a combination of dictionary and other combinations (known as hybrid) and brute force which uses all possible methods and combinations.

The ideal password is long, complex, and easy-to-remember – but hard to break. Good passwords are often hard to remember so the examples below may help.

1. First pick a group of words

  • I have a black labrador dog called charlie
  • my house is in south-east london
  • my favourite rock band is the beatles
  • my favourite musical instrument is the saxophone
  • I got married in paris in france

2. Take each first character and make a word

  • ihabldcc
  • mhiisel
  • mfrbitb
  • mfmiits
  • igmipif

3. Add a random word at the end

  • ihabldccapple
  • mhiiselemail
  • mfrbitbmicro
  • mfmiitsred
  • igmipifebay

4. Further strengthen

  • ihabldcc@pple
  • mhii$elemail
  • mfrb1tbmicro
  • mfmiits-red
  • igmipif+ebay
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The lead ‘IT Security Specialist and Trainer’ at Data Defender and Information Technology Consortium, Graeme is regularly asked for input and quotes for media articles and was recently quoted in the Scotsman. Graeme is triple certified in computer security, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) and Comptia Security+.