HyperOffice announces hosted email archiving


The recent Gmail outage where a small percentage of users lost their emails for a matter of days highlighted the fragility of the emerging cloud computing sector. The event gave the naysayers a chance to howl and bay at the moon while the pro cloud camp highlighted how robust the system is when most accounts were restored in a matter of hours, with a minority taking longer.

To help create a sense of security online collaboration service HyperOffice has announced the addition of hosted email archiving to its cloud based messaging and collaboration software.

Email messages contain critical corporate information including contracts, invoices, business documents, and other important information. Over time, this information gets scattered, buried or lost across multiple mailboxes.

It is imperative upon businesses to consolidate and safeguard this information. Plus, increased regulatory scrutiny and threat of litigation necessitates that emails be retained in audit ready form for prolonged periods. Email archiving serves these needs by storing and indexing all the email messages flowing through a company, and enabling their retrieval when necessary.

In a press release announcing the service, HyperOffice states:

“Small and medium businesses tend to think that email archiving is only for the big fish, large enterprises which need to comply with regulatory requirements,” said Farzin Arsanjani, President, HyperOffice. “Yet these regulations apply to SMBs as well. For instance, thousands of small companies in finance fall under the purview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. That said, regulatory compliance is by no means the sole benefit of email archiving. It enables companies to be proactively prepared for discovery requests in legal cases or internal inquiries. The recent episode of Gmail users losing their emails underlines the importance of safeguarding corporate data in the cloud era. Email archiving adds that extra layer of security,” Farzin added.

“The new feature brings a completely managed cloud based email archiving alternative for companies which do not have the IT resources to deploy and maintain expensive on-premise email archiving software like Exchange 2010. “Email archiving may have been too expensive for SMBs in earlier years, but it makes solid business sense in light of dramatically reduced price points of hosted email archiving” said Farzin. Since HyperOffice’s business email service already includes Outlook integration, even Outlook emails can be archived and accessed online without MS Exchange.

“We’ve had many occasions when important company information was lost in thousands of emails circulated every day. Email archiving from HyperOffice ensures quick and easy access to all email history and without any additional burden on our IT team,” said Fred Aryan, President, LaserShip Inc. “This is the best insurance against loss of critical company information and against myriad compliance and litigation related challenges,” Fred added.

Email Archiving Prediction

HyperOffice’s new offering follows the latest market trends. Gartner Group predicted in 2009 that the email archiving market will continue to be one of the fastest-growing markets in IT driven by retention, discovery and compliance needs.

The Radicati Group noted that hosted email archiving solutions are growing at a faster rate than on-premises products, given greater affordability in the short term.

“The market is moving towards integrated web based communications and collaboration solutions, which has been validated by software like Google Apps and Office 365 from large vendors. Users want simplicity. They want their needs to be served in a single solution, rather than working with multiple add-on products,” said Farzin. “We have been offering business email integrated with team collaboration and mobility tools for more than a decade, and constantly improve our offerings in light of emerging needs. Email archiving was a logical addition to robust business email features which include email hosting, push email and mobile sync, Outlook integration and more,” he added.

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Kevin Tea is a journalist and marketing communications professional who has worked for some of the leading blue chip companies in the UK and Europe. In the 1990s he became interested in how emerging Internet-based technologies could change the way that people worked and became an administrator on the Telework Europa Forum on CompuServe. With other colleagues he took part in a four year European Commission sponsored project to look at the way that the Internet could benefit remote communities. His blog is a resource for SMEs who want to use cloud computing and Web 2.0 technologies.