Kindle Beats iPad In Head-To-Head, Says Survey

It seems physical books aren’t not consigned to history – yet! A survey of over 1,000 US and UK users by news navigator OneNewsPage found Amazon’s Kindle scored strongly over Apple’s iPad as an e-reader.

Although OneNewsPage’s users admitted the iPad was “more compelling” than the Kindle because of the iPad’s multi-functionality, if it came to a straight head-to-head choice between e-readers, almost two thirds (64%) preferred Amazon’s Kindle to Apple’s iPad.

Interestingly, 16% of the OneNewsPage survey sample said they owned both a Kindle and an iPad, two of the best selling e-readers on the market.

Winning the e-reader popularity contest wasn’t the only good news for Amazon. Amazon was seen as the likely victor in an e-book marketing battle with Apple – albeit by a very small 2% margin. Fifty-one percent said their money was on Amazon to win the e-reader battle, versus 49% who were backing Apple.

Despite sales of e-books outselling hardbacks on Amazon for the first time, OneNewsPage users felt the physical book has a healthy future. Almost three quarters (73%) believe there is still a place for physical books.

But perhaps the most surprising finding of the OneNewsPage survey was that e-books are now more popular than paperbacks for reading on holiday. Again, while there was little in it, 53% preferred to pack e-books rather paperbacks for their beach reading.

Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer, CEO of One News Page, said: “The e-book has come of age. The Kindle has built a strong position as a specialist e-reader. Its new version is considerably cheaper and lighter than the iPad, which may explain why two thirds of our users preferred it to the iPad as an e-reader. That said, it’s clear the iPad as an e-book platform is already giving Amazon a stiff challenge and there’s everything to play for as Apple only launched the iPad in March this year.”

What do you think? Have you consigned paper-based books to history?

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Christian Harris is editor and publisher of BCW. Christian has over 20 years' publishing experience and in that time has contributed to most major IT magazines and Web sites in the UK. He launched BCW in 2009 as he felt there was a need for honest and personal commentary on a wide range of business computing issues. Christian has a BA (Hons) in Publishing from the London College of Communication.