Is Android “botox” the new enterprise challenge?


In 2011 Google will become, or remain depending on whether you believe Canalys or Nielsen, the dominant smartphone operating system. Although noteworthy on its own, the point that really interests me is that this will likely be achieved by growth in the enterprise and not consumer market.

The popularity of the Blackberry device is gradually receding and opening up space for the iPhone and Android handsets. Jason Perlow of ZDNET points out in a recent column that, in the short term at least, that large, medium and small IT environments will find executives and employees asking for iPhones and iPad. But this is set to change, especially in large organizations.

This is for two main reasons. Firstly, there are the logistical challenges of deploying and developing applications on Android versus the iPhone. Secondly, the ability to partition personal data from corporate data will be essential in the “bring your own” culture which we see growing amongst our own customers.

The mobile enterprise market is clearly a key focus of 2011, having seen both AT&T and T-Mobile USA staking their claims in this space in recent interviews.

So, in 2011 will we be seeing the “Android Botox”? Let me know in the comments below.

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