Is it time to upgrade your Web site to a dedicated server?

“Your business is growing and your online presence is vital to the way your business operates on a day to day basis.” If this sounds like a description of your business, then it is probably time for you to upgrade to a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are exactly that, servers dedicated to your business. Unlike shared web hosting and even our popular VPS ranges, which all offer you your own private space, there is no sharing other resources such as the hardware that your account is actually run on. Your dedicated server is a computer of its own, running just what you ask it to run and hosting just the files you have set to store.

If you are dedicated to serving your customers with the best possible online presence, then operating that from a dedicated server offers you the guarantee that the only strain on resources comes from your own popularity – and even then we can help with an upgrade.

A modern day, dynamic website operation is often very resource hungry. Pulling data from various locations and often running numerous database driven features, your website demands are much better served and protected by a dedicated server.

If you value your business you will want your online venture to be run on a powerful platform that can cope efffortlessly and seamlessly with complex data-demands and potential high traffic volumes. Dedicated servers are all designed to ensure your business gets all of that and more including an SLA (service level agreement).

What makes a dedicated server even more valuable is that you can customise it to meet your needs. You can run the software you want on there, keeping space on your server for the essential stuff that earns you money.

Whether that is software that helps configure your website presence, offer customers access to specific applications or simply to allow you a back-end administration system you are comfortable with, that can all be done. It is after all a server dedicated to you.

For proper control over your web presence, along with total reliability and flawless performance, then really nothing less will do than a dedicated server.

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Tim Fuell only joined the Webfusion team last year but having been a customer of the group for more than 10 years, he knew all about their success in the Web hosting field. After writing his Masters thesis on the threat of cybersquatting way back in 1998, he has seen the Internet grow beyond even his wildest dreams. A journalist for over 16 years and a qualified Solicitor, Tim is one of a team of bloggers in the Webfusion stable aiming to educate, inform and assist their online readership.