Is SMS Marketing Too Easily Overlooked?

We all read, hear and see news about how people are walking around with super-smartphones nowadays – some of us even write about it! In the modern world the top of the range phones will help you navigate from A to Z, display TV and video and share your inner most thoughts with the internet at large. To be fair, its not a surprise then that to many the good old simple text message isn’t that exciting.

Yet, don’t underestimate the humble SMS. While the upwardly mobile gadget geeks may have the latest in technology, the majority of the population doesn’t. It depends what you are marketing but if you are planning a campaign that has a widespread appeal, by focusing on the smartphone market you could be cutting out a massive 70-80% of your market in one hit.

The fact is the majority of the population now carry a mobile phone of some sort and barring the odd exception, all of those can receive and respond to text messages. Actually, even those with the latest smartphones would probably admit that the text message feature on their handset is one of the most used of all functions. It is so easy and convenient. In many ways the success of Twitter has stemmed from people’s acceptance and love of the text message format.

The lesson to be learned then, is to use captured mobile phone number information in your marketing plans. If you send a message to your client or potential client base you can be certain to be hitting most of your intended market. Importantly, unlike website updates or other more modern approaches like Apps, text messages tend to be read immediately. Most people will open and read an SMS as soon as they receive it, so your message can be instantaneous, something an expensive App might not return.

The fact that we couldn’t find any recent research reports into the continued success of SMS marketing probably sums up the current approach to it as a marketing tool. We are not saying it does work and it certainly won’t work for all sectors, but on the basic facts and the sheer numbers you can reach, collecting and connecting mobile with your customers and potential customers could still bring in a good return.

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Tim Fuell only joined the Webfusion team last year but having been a customer of the group for more than 10 years, he knew all about their success in the Web hosting field. After writing his Masters thesis on the threat of cybersquatting way back in 1998, he has seen the Internet grow beyond even his wildest dreams. A journalist for over 16 years and a qualified Solicitor, Tim is one of a team of bloggers in the Webfusion stable aiming to educate, inform and assist their online readership.