Is There Still Space For Printing In The Digital World?


To cut the answer short: yes. More traditional methods of business and even personal use of printed items is still important and necessary. Printed material is tangible, suggests credibility and if used correctly can give a strong professional impression. The digital world, while important, isn’t taking up all the space out there. There is plenty of room for printed items to weigh in and make a stand; let’s consider a business example and what goes into suggesting professionalism.

Small details, on printed materials, such as high-quality business cards or even letterhead printing from Helloprint can help to strengthen the credibility of an organisation and inspire confidence in a customer. They’re imperative for SMEs who are just starting out, who need to give the impression of a strong, well-structured organisation at networking events and industry talks.

Printing is an essential crutch for the digital world. While people might be signing documents online or having phone calls via their computers, it’s important to recognise the significance of a letter received in the post to support anything you’ve discussed via email.

Printed advertising also has a place in the digital world. People are still reading newspapers and magazines and these are easy solutions when it comes to putting yourself in front of the right audience, to support a digital campaign. Many advertisers are making their printed advertising interactive, so customers can use their smartphones to digitally unlock more content – this merging of the two worlds indicates that printing still has a definitive space.

Print and the digital world go hand-in-hand, and to think that one can replace the other is unwise as each is needed to provide a well rounded level of communication. Print fills a void digital content cannot fill, it places something physical in people’s hands that they can take away and return to later.

More and more publishers are discovering the benefits of posting content online, sponsorship deals with high ranking bloggers and using social media to their full advantage but print is still important in supporting it. While it is acknowledged that print makes up for 3.7% of an adult’s daily consumption of media while 47.1% is digital, hard copies of content are still purchased regularly by those loyal to a certain publication.

Printed items also retain their value, whereas in the digital world content is lost in the chaos that comes with the Internet and multiple platforms for sharing the same blogpost or article. Printed items in the future could potentially be worth a decent amount of money, especially if they’re a limited edition such as a special variant cover or feature a celebrity that doesn’t take part in interviews often.

When considering the role of printed items in a digital world, it’s important we don’t consider them valueless, they are still integral to our everyday lives – after all without them the postman would be out of a job!

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Benjamin Campbell

Benjamin Campbell is an accomplished and experienced freelance writer who has featured in a number of high profile publications and websites. If he’s not reading the financial times you’ll find him listening to live music or at the coast surfing.