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ISVs Take Note: Move To The Cloud Or Face Extinction!

Cloud is going to change everything for those of us in the world of software. This sounds ominous and suggests we are in for some tough times but my argument is that while cloud will change everything this is not necessarily a bad thing and for those who embrace the cloud now, being cloud enabled will represent a significant competitive advantage very soon. For those who ignore the cloud and carry on regardless, in around two to four year’s time their solutions will NOT survive.

Dramatic I know, but as I see it the move to the cloud is very much like the move from DOS to Windows all those years ago. Simply ask yourself where would you be right now if you had elected to stick with DOS?

We all know the benefits that are to be had from the cloud (greener, more efficient, lower costs etc etc) but if your business is building business applications how are you to adapt to designing and building applications in the cloud? Doubtless this process requires thought and investment in a lot of other elements that do not necessarily relate to your business.

The solution, I believe, lies in the new breed of application platforms such as uniPaaS. Application platform’s can be used to build and deploy full client, rich internet applications (RIA), mobile applications and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. uniPaaS provides all aspects of the application development and deployment process within a single end-to-end platform. It features a ready-made business application engine that simplifies the code-writing process and enables you to deploy to market faster, using fewer resources.

With an application platform regardless of what your operating system is, what your databases are, or what your tenancy strategy is, the platform allows the developer to focus on the business application rather that what it takes to bring applications to the cloud. An application platform enables the developer to focus on what to do rather than how to do it.

One last word about platforms is to note that not all application platforms are created equal. Working with some vendor application platforms requires you to bolt your solution into their infrastructure. This may not be a problem now but ask yourself, what happens if you decided to take your application and move to another hosting vendor?

What if, in few years time, you would like to benefit from competition between different hosting companies, would that be possible with any application platform? My advice- plan ahead and choose a solution like uniPaaS that can separate the application platform from the hosting environment, so when ever you need, the application can be moved between different “clouds”, and even back into your data-centre.

Good points and bad, cloud is coming ready or not but having said all that I do acknowledge that while the cloud is a significant architectural change in software terms and a new breed of solutions will emerge these solutions will have to recognise that at least for now enterprises will need and want to keep assets on site this leads us on to the Hybrid Cloud…..

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David Akka is Managing Director at Magic Software Enterprises UK. David is a successful executive manager with a proven track record as a general manager with a strong background in sales, marketing, business development and operations. Past experience in technology and service delivery include both UK and European responsibilities.