Mobile Applications: Start Developing Today!

As with everything in life, the hard part of developing a mobile application is taking that first step, and believe me I understand the reticence. Deploying an existing application to a mobile device or creating an application specifically for a mobile can be a daunting task, one which you can easily continually put off.

However, when asked for advice the key thing I would suggest to any developer to succeed with producing mobile applications is;


Traditionally developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for mobile devices involved a three layer approach Client layer, Server layer and Session layer, each of these layers requiring a different development team, with different skill sets, often using different programming languages. Obviously this could lead to complication with more chance of bottle necks forming with more dependence on individual members within the team.


This can all seem like an insurmountable hurdle before you have begun however, there is a simpler way, using an ‘end-to-end’ application platform such as uniPaaS. uniPaaS uses a single, comprehensive skill-set for all three tiers of the application development process allowing you to simplify by using pre-complied, pre-configured business logic and thus one team to do all the development work. This in turn allows:

  • Fewer bottlenecks
  • Faster development time
  • More seamless application functionality

This translates into better applications with a faster time to market

Perhaps more importantly uniPaaS offers you the ability to choose how you deploy your applications, whether Full Client or web; on premise or on demand; in the cloud or behind the firewall; software or SaaS; mobile, global or local. So with uniPaaS you really can start developing today and deploy whenever, wherever!

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David Akka is Managing Director at Magic Software Enterprises UK. David is a successful executive manager with a proven track record as a general manager with a strong background in sales, marketing, business development and operations. Past experience in technology and service delivery include both UK and European responsibilities.