Most Web Traffic Tips Are Completely Useless – I Can Prove It!

The web is run over by blogs, posts and articles on how to increase the traffic to your website. There are some really well thought out methodologies, and then there are the completely whacked out ideas. But most of them are completely useless.

Take Action

Why do I say that most web traffic tips are completely useless? Well because if you do not apply the advice given, then the advice is completely useless. Take action, apply what you read and learn online. If you don’t then obviously traffic won’t appear out of nowhere. The main reason that blogs and websites don’t see results is that they do not put those tips into action

Hard Work

Nobody said that building up a blog or website is easy. It takes blood sweat and tears. Yes, some people actually do take the advice to heart, but soon realise the amount of effort needed to sustain and build up their site, they soon give up.

Just recently I had a client phone me complaining that they had not sold any products from their site in the last 12 months. Like that was all my fault. I enquired of them, what effort they had put into their site to make people aware of the product. How often they had updated their site. Had they joined any social networks. Had they written any articles. The answer, was nothing to all questions. Then you want to know why you have not sold anything. Because no traffic means no sales.

No Quick Fix

There is no quick fix. We cannot wave a magic wand and poof all of a sudden you have tons of traffic. We live in an instant world. Instant coffee, instant internet, instant communication. We want and expect instant traffic. Don’t expect to have immediate traffic. It took me two plus years to get my blog to where it is now. Still, it has huge space for improvement. It is still not where I want it to be. Which means it may take another two years to get there. But I’m prepared for that.


Yes, there are some great tips of web traffic out there. But not applying the advice renders that advice useless. What advice would you have for the rest of our readers concerning web traffic? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

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Robert Bravery is a professional programmer, Web site Developer and professional blogger for Integral Web Solutions.

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