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SnatchBot Adds LINE and Grows its Global Reach

SnatchBot is already a world-famous free chatbot platform. It revolves around a simple idea – an easy to make, and simple to use chatbot program for any business. If you are not scared of AI dominating the world but are actively expecting that, you’ll be surprised to see how good chatbots have become.

Naturally, the point here is not to fool people into thinking that they are communicating with other people (the concept itself of talking to a computer is interesting) but the focus is to create an unprecedented customer experience and offer instant solutions to common problems.

Many bigger organizations are already using chatbots, especially those organizations with a heavy social media presence, where communication between them and their customers is key. People are already spending (too much) time on social networks, and they are used to reaching out to their favorite brand and asking any questions.

Now, as time flies, SnatchBot adds Line to its roster of supported apps, and all the users of this extremely popular messenger app in Japan and South Korea will now have the ability to interact with this automated program in the Line app itself. The Line app was launched in 2011 and had over 200 million users only a few months later. In 2013, it became Japan’s largest social network, which is by no means a small feat, with over 218 million active accounts, and now it is worth more than 1.14 billion US dollars.

Line is Asia’s top messenger app, as they are constantly improving their presence and their features, and needless to say, if your business has access to that market, or you want to reach an audience there, then you already know that instantly responding to any questions is crucial and can lead to increased customer trust and brand awareness. Launching a free chatbot that supports Line messenger will allow this big market to communicate with your company effortlessly.

SnatchBot can easily handle routine questions, saving time (and money) for real people to dedicate their attention to bigger problems and other areas. The National Australia Bank predicts that chatbots will save them about 16 million Australian dollars a year. On a large scale, even a small chatbot can have a great influence, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot help small businesses as well.

All you need to start your first SnatchBot is to select the desired template and go from there. It is quite intuitive and does not require any special expertise and knowledge, and not to mention, it is completely free! It will be able to give out all the information about your business, answer simple questions and redirect users to live support if needed.

SnatchBot is free to use and is a big child-project of Henri and Avi Ben Ezra, brothers and co-founders of Snatch Group Limited, a company dedicated to providing free chatbot technology to all business and users all around the world; making this previously highly technical endeavour available to anyone with a little bit of time on their hands.

Now with Line messenger, users will spend less time waiting to connect and talk to a real person in order to ask a simple question, and on the other hand, that call agent will have more time to dedicate to handling more complex issues and to building good customer relationships.

SnatchBot already covers Facebook messenger, Slack, Twitter, WeChat and offers web integration directly into your website, and now with Line, it will be the chatbot that is both free and with the biggest numbers of supporting apps.

“Our bots are already helping enterprises of all sizes-from sole entrepreneurs to established corporations-to connect with their consumer base in a meaningful way… and turn transactions into interactions” said Ben Ezra.

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