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BakkerElkhuizen Handshake Mouse Has Unique Handshake Design

The Handshake Mouse by BakkerElkhuizen is a unique mouse with a vertical grip. It’s handshake design not only looks great is ideal for reducing strain as the handshake position means that when using a vertical mouse the wrist doesn't bend sideways as much and the lower arm needs less inward rotation. This means there is much less muscle activity in the lower arm than when using a standard mouse, which in turn helps you work pain free and quickly.

It has two buttons and a scroll wheel. Using this mouse correctly reduces muscle tension, reducing the symptoms and causes of RSI within the work place. The Handshake Mouse is designed for small and medium-sized hands (hand widths of up to 9 cm, excluding the thumb).

The Handshake Mouse has a powerful laser sensor and the option to choose between 400/1600/3200 DPI.

BakkerElkhuzien offer High-quality workplace solutions and specialise in developing high-end, ergonomic hard- and software solutions that contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of computer users. Our innovative solutions physically and mentally triggered to move more, work more efficiently, adopt proper working postures and alternate between postures. Their products are based on scientific research. These studies result in high-end products that demonstrably increase the user’s productivity.

People are central to BakkerElkhuizen’s philosophy; not just in the development of products, but also concerning theor employees and in the cooperative relationships that they maintain with their partners, suppliers and customers. They attach considerable value to long-term relationships. Thanks to these long-lasting relationships with their partners and their extensive knowledge of ergonomics, understanding of the market and product portfolio, they now have a leading position in the ergonomics market

They are a Gold-certified Microsoft partner - Gold certification is the highest accreditation that Microsoft awards. We have all the required knowledge and expertise to provide solutions for Microsoft platforms.

The Handshake Mouse is available as wireless or corded. More information can be found at BakkerElkhuizen.

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