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Blockchain Development Talent Is Booming

CodementorX, an expert contract developer community, recently released results of their 2018 Blockchain Survey, aimed at gauging interest in blockchain technology.

Survey highlights from a response group of over 2000 engineers include, unsurprisingly, that younger developers are both more familiar and more open to blockchain development. The number one reason cited for learning the technology was personal interest, at 51%, followed closely by future professional development at 43%.

“We’re definitely seeing a huge rise in contracts and freelance projects focused on blockchain development,” CodementorX founder Weiting Liu explains, “so it’s exciting that our developers are picking up the technology and can respond to the demand.”

A recent development of the 250,000-strong Codementor mentorship community, CodementorX instead focuses on freelancing and contract engineering projects for their peer-approved leader network of over 8,000. Each developer is vetted through multiple projects and interviews.

As for insights for investors who might be on the fence, it seems that the experts agree: 92% of respondents had either a positive or very positive perspective of blockchain technology. And when in comes to media hype? Only 35.8% feel that blockchain technology is overrated.

From the report:

“Of those who wrote in a word to describe it, the word “overrated” was the 24th most used word and “hype” the 16th most popular. As previously mentioned, 20.8% of respondents who answered that they were not interested in learning blockchain wrote that that they felt that blockchain was a fad that would go away.

That being said, however, words like “revolutionary” and “future” were the most popular words, which shows that while some developers feel that blockchain is a hype, there are many more who do believe in the technology and are enthusiastic about its potential.”

Read the full report on the CodementorX blog.

About CodementorX:

CodementorX is a freelancing platform built on top of Codementor, an on-demand marketplace for software developers. Our community consists of 300,000+ developers and 8,000+ vetted experts, where clients can get live 1:1 programming help, hire world-class developers, and more. Codementor is backed by Techstars, 500 Startups, Alibaba, and other prominent marketplace investors.

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