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Business software specialist hires global Sage consultant

Strategic partner of Sage UK and business software specialist CPiO has hired Brian King as the company’s Product Manager for Enterprise Management. King brings with him more than 50 years of experience in business IT and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and was part of the team at Adonix that first developed Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3).

The recruitment sees CPiO further strengthen its expertise of Enterprise Management, allowing the company to provide a consultative service to IT managers and business executives across the UK and Europe. King’s role will focus on strengthening CPiO’s existing Enterprise Management support team, ensuring speedy resolution of tickets and the ongoing development of skills and services within the team.

King is one of the most experienced authorities on Enterprise Management systems in the UK. Besides his involvement with the software’s development at Adonix, King was a core part of Sage’s global consulting team and was later responsible for writing Sage’s training documentation for Enterprise Management in the UK.

“Enterprise Management is very flexible, which means there is a wide variety of ways it can be implemented into businesses,” explained Brian King. “For the system to truly deliver value and a competitive advantage to a growing business, it must be implemented correctly and the project supported by the in-house IT team, who should understand how to make the most of it.

“Having written its training literature, I have extensive insight into the functionality within Enterprise Management. By sharing this knowledge with the CPiO team, we can ensure that business leaders from a wide range of sectors can get the best possible system to meet their needs — one that, no matter the complexity, provides flexible, effective performance both presently and for years to come.”

With King’s appointment, CPiO will work closely with businesses to demonstrate the impact of improved ERP systems on bottom line results and return on investment (ROI). This focus comes at a time when the UK is widely reported to be experiencing a productivity crisis, which the company believes modern ERP systems could help with.

“The right ERP system has a significant impact on how a business operates and the results generated by that operation,” explained Andrew Watkinson, Managing Director of CPiO.

“Whether it’s through automated workflows, better data tracking for compliance purposes or even just more insightful reporting and business intelligence, ERP systems such as Enterprise Management boast a range of features that can create a positive ROI and increased productivity.”

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