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Five ways your company-supplied computer can help staff grow

It’s no surprise that computers have positively impacted businesses in virtually all industries, but what many companies don’t realise is just how beneficial it is to staff to supply them with a company-owned device. Company computers are so much more than just a tool to enable employees to get their work done each day. They can also provide a real advantage to the individuals themselves, to help them develop new skills and communicate better with their colleagues. Here are five ways that staff and businesses alike can benefit from a company-supplied computer.

1. Learning new skills

When it comes to continuing education and improving your skillset, using company equipment can be extremely beneficial. For example, computers are a great way to learn a new language – a skill that is hugely valuable in today’s global market. Whether it’s a non-native speaker working in the UK who wants to develop their knowledge of English and become more fluent, or someone who wants to learn the language spoken in another office elsewhere in the world to create a more unified team. Sites like www.perfectlyspoken.com offer the chance for non native English staff to use their work computer to become better and English which can in turn help with customer service and internal relationships.

In addition, there are online courses through sites such as https://www.lynda.com/ , where staff can build up their knowledge of different skills to assist them in their career and enhance their value to the business. Supplying staff with the ability to develop new skills is a great way to build morale and create a fun atmosphere at work.

2. Improving communication

Computers facilitate better and faster communication in numerous ways. There’s emailing, of course, but there are also instant messenger platforms to make asking a quick question or checking a detail that much faster and easier between colleagues, departments or even offices. Group chats can also be set up between colleagues working on a project or campaign together to help keep everyone up to date on the latest developments.

Programmes such as Skype, Google Hangouts or https://www.lifesize.com give you the opportunity to hold remote video meetings with people from any location, at any time. If your company is global, this is especially useful. Videoconferencing is an ideal way to ensure that time zones and physical locations don’t get in the way of producing great work.

3. Flexibility to work anywhere

Supplying staff with a company computer can aid flexibility and provide a greater work-life balance across the business. It means that even if members of staff aren’t in the office, they can still telecommute and be working on group projects to contribute towards business goals.

This level of flexibility is ideal if your company allows remote working, as employees can work from any location, or log onto the system any hour that suits them, while still being contactable and able to work on tasks. Remote workers often report a higher level of job satisfaction and increased morale, as well as a stronger commitment to the job itself, so both the employee and employer can benefit from this way of working. This Forbes article looks at a number of stats around happier remote staff https://www.forbes.com/sites/victorlipman/2016/05/02/are-remote-workers-happier-and-more-productive-new-survey-offers-answers/#2a4708286663

4. The right software for the job

Some software programmes can be expensive and, if staff must install them on their personal computers, this cost can soon mount up. One of the benefits to staff in being supplied with a company computer is that it can be pre-installed with all the programmes they’ll need to do their job effectively.

For digital and print teams especially, this can be a real advantage – programmes such as analytics software, graphic design programmes and social media tracking can often be costly, but are essential to these roles. Computers can also be set up with cloud storage so that work can be shared, edited and uploaded between teams to save data digitally, and remove the need for print-outs and scans of documents.

5. Increased productivity

Company-supplied computers enable everyone in the business to work on a level playing field, as they’ll all have a modern, faster machine with in-built software to work effectively. It means no-one in the team is going to be left behind working on an older system that crashes all the time which can be frustrating for everyone and can lead to deadlines not being met.

By ensuring that all members of staff are working from the same system and the latest version of programmes, processes will be more streamlined. This allows work to be completed more quickly and productivity will increase across the board. This equates to everyone being able to do their jobs faster and more efficiently, which can only be good news for companies.

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