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Increase Average Online Order Value by More Than 25% With AI Driven Personalised Cart Incentives

Personali, the leading Intelligent Incentives Platform, launched today its Wiz-Cart solution, proven to increase the average order value of an online shopping cart by more than 25%. The solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide shoppers with personalised ‘Buy More Save More’ incentives, based on a retailers predefined rules and the products added in the customers’ shopping cart.

Engage shoppers at the most critical purchasing decision seconds

CEO of Personali, Dan Baruchi explains: “When a shopper has placed items in their cart it is the opportune moment to present them with incentives that will increase the value of the order. To have the biggest impact, these offers, whether free shipping, a discount for a higher value cart, or cash backs for the next visit, need to be highly personalised and optimised to the preferences of the individual shopper.”

Baruchi adds: “Offering shoppers personalised cart level incentives and engaging them throughout their purchasing journey is key to increasing spend and customer satisfaction.”

The Wiz-Cart solution is part of Personali’s Intelligent Incentives platform, which uses AI and machine learning algorithms, developed by data scientists and behavioural economists, to perform precision targeting of online shoppers with intelligent incentives, offering the optimal incentive type, level and experience in real-time.

Increase average ordering value by more than 25%  

To date, the Wiz-Cart solution has been proven to raise average order values by more than 25%, increasing the average number of items ordered in one transaction by more than 25%, as well as driving a 30% uplift in conversion rate.

The new solution can be easily integrated and customised to any e-commerce site, with simple and quick set-up, activation and de-activation of campaigns, accompanied by real-time reporting. It is available now from Personali.

For more information visit: www.personali.com

About Personali

Personali helps top-tier retailers increase sales and profitability – online and offline – by capitalising on the power of behavioural economics. Our Intelligent Incentive platform offers the ability to elicit, capture and harness shoppers’ emotional responses, to achieve the highest engagement and encourage increased spend. The platform enables retailers to perform precision targeting of shoppers with personalised incentives, ultimately accelerating sales growth, optimising profitability, increasing customer loyalty, and helping to deliver seamless shopper experience both offline and online.

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