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Microsoft selects accelerated Async for global video messaging partnership

Async, the worlds first video messaging platform that feels live but isn't, has entered into a global sales and marketing partnership with Microsoft. As a result of the intense development the company underwent as part of the Microsoft Accelerator this year, Async has made significant changes to its business with the decision to offer its patented service as a white label solution to other platform providers, media companies, telcos, social networks and businesses.

Strategically aligned with Microsoft products such as Azure, LinkedIn, Lynda, Office 365, Xbox, Yamma and Skype, Async has already started to be marketed by Microsoft’s internal sales teams and channel resellers. As a result, Async will focus on these B2B markets and is already in discussions with international media, telephony and retail companies.

The company continues to win multiple SME customers, many of whom have commissioned it to build apps around the core Async video messaging service. While there are obvious brand marketing and personal communication uses, companies are already developing customer support, internal communications and knowledge sharing applications.

Jacob Gough, Founder of Async, commented:

“Microsoft has played a pivotal role in the evolution of our company this year – firstly via its Accelerator and now as a partner. Video messaging is the most popular communication channel online now and an important tool for reaching friends, customers and colleagues. Our partnership with Microsoft will help open doors for us to world-class expertise, knowledge and networks. This is a really significant milestone in our growth, and as we look to focus sales and partnerships through London, I am excited to see Async enter into its new stage of development.”

In recognition of the opportunities partnering with Microsoft offers and its focus on delivering its video technology platform to a range of organisations, the company has transformed to become Async. Previously the company was called Kwickie, an App which leveraged the async technology  to allow brands to harness fan interest in celebrities and other influencers.

Warwick Hill, CEO of Microsoft’s London Accelerator, said:

“At Microsoft, we only partner with the most dynamic and forward-thinking companies who stand at the vanguard of technological development.  Async was one of only eight companies to be accepted into our Accelerator Programme at the start of 2017 and we have been really impressed by its progress and growth potential. In Async, we see the opportunity to work with a team driven by creativity and the determination to succeed.”

The partnership will also see Async, an Australian company, establish a London presence for its front office systems, while the development and operations teams will remain in Australia.

Jacob Gough continued:

“We are massively excited about our future plans as we are already seeing strong demand, from global companies to SMEs, for our patented platform. While our clients can use any web infrastructure they choose, we are confident that Microsoft’s Azure environment will provide the scalability, performance and security we need to grow.”

Async will continue to provide the initial Kwickie service under the KwikTV brand, allowing its business customers the opportunity to create engaging, interactive video content to extract and be shown to their own audience via their website, social channels and more.

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