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New game-changing integrated business travel and expense app launches in the UK

World leader in Quality of Life services, Sodexo, together with Xpenditure and iAlbatros today launched Rydoo, a new integrated, user-friendly app designed to eliminate frustrating business travel and expense processes. Rydoo is one of the first platforms of its kind to cover travel bookings and expenses using just one system.  

Available in the UK and worldwide from now, the new platform aims to simplify travel and expense management processes (from logging receipts to booking flights and accommodation) to make employees’ and finance teams’ lives easier.

The new app means employees no longer have to spend hours searching for flights and hotels or waste time filling out expense reports in time-sapping Excel spreadsheets. Rydoo lets finance teams approve expenses in real-time. And, thanks to a central billing system, they will also receive a single invoice made up of all business travel-related expenses at the end of each month.

Available from £5 per user per month, Rydoo is four times faster than manually logging expenses and significantly reduces costs associated with travel and expense management, as well as improving productivity.

Rydoo CEO, Sébastien Marchon, said:

“Rydoo removes long, complicated, tedious processes for employees whilst boosting productivity for finance teams by 87%. By making Rydoo one of the leading players in the travel and expense market, Sodexo aims to improve the quality of life and performance of the organisations it serves.”

Benefits of Rydoo to employees:

  •  Allows them to find and book flights, rail tickets or car rentals quickly
  • Choose from over 800,000 hotels worldwide
  • Snap-and-process feature allows them to log expenses by taking a photo of their receipts
  • Track mileage and claim travel per diem
  • No credit cards needed thanks to a central billing system.

Benefits for finance/ management teams:

  • Receive a single invoice with all business travel-related information at the end of the month
  • Easily manage employees’ reimbursements in real-time and control the company’s expense budget
  • The platform notifies the user when receipts are duplicated.

Benefits for an employer:

  • Improves productivity (less time spent on admin)
  • Saves costs of manual processing of expenses and booking travel
  • Fully integrated in line with expense policy.

Sodexo Mobility & Expense President Didier Dumont, adds: “Keeping people efficient whilst on the move is essential for business success. Rydoo brings the Travel and Expense ecosystem together to increase productivity and real-time visibility for hassle-free performance. To deliver this to the market in an agile way, we define ourselves as a corp-up that combines the strength of a corporate company and the agility and innovative mindset of a start-up”.

Download the app now at Rydoo.com

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