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New ‘Mini Enterprise’ Software Drives Collaborative Growth for SMEs

A new ‘mini enterprise’ system designed to drive productivity for growing startups and SMEs has launched. Originally established by IT specialists, Mayden, to support its own business the Orbit system provides all the functionality an ambitious small business needs, without the unnecessary, costly extras.

Orbit has been established in response to a gap in the market for operational management software that meets the evolving everyday challenges of a smaller, growing business. Unlike the diverse components of larger enterprise software, Orbit delivers a single, end-to-end solution with highly practical functionality, providing a smart and cost-effective new way for SMEs to manage work and share information quickly, easily and securely.

Combining innovative, cloud-based applications with exceptional service, Orbit enables multiple teams to share information efficiently and coordinate on complex projects across locations, through one central hub. System functionality is supported by a dedicated team, with tailored features that include:

  • Task management: enabling collaborative and coordinated working through created tasks assigned to individuals, or whole teams.
  • CRM: supporting management of contacts through up-to-date records.
  • Content management: enabling secure sharing and access of crucial company information.
  • Time management: Plan, manage and analyse the use of the organisation’s most precious resource.
  • Communications: Focussed, targeted and effective built-in tools to support communication with staff, clients and potential customers.
  • Help desk: enabling an organisation to track and resolve client customer support requests quickly and efficiently.
  • Invoicing: translating work done into billable time.

Chris May, Founder and Managing Director for Mayden, comments:  “We originally built Orbit with the vision of openness and transparency that would promote increased collaboration in order to grow. We needed an integrated product – a single system to support our entire business – rather than separate systems that would work for individual teams or for specific functions. Having identified the leading software packages available at the time, it became clear that no existing product was able to give us the tailored functionality we required. We decided to develop a system ourselves – the system we now call Orbit. That was seven years ago, and Orbit still supports us in everything we do.”

Quick, efficient and reliable customer service is as important as the software itself and every Orbit customer receives the attention of a dedicated team available online and by phone throughout the day. Orbit jointly enables Mayden to closely monitor the support it offers its customers so they can receive the best possible level of care.

Mayden has grown from a start-up to a company of over 70 staff, supported by Orbit. The system has seen the organisation expand to two new offices, employ remote workers and launch numerous new products. Having adapted and grown alongside Mayden, Orbit is the perfect tool to support growth in an organisation.

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