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Puppet Announces Product Updates And Technology Partnerships To Accelerate The Journey To Pervasive Automation

Puppet has announced new products to accelerate customers’ journey to pervasive automation. Products announced include Puppet Discovery and an updated version of Puppet Enterprise.

“In order to harness the potential of the latest technologies, CIOs must execute on a roadmap that scales DevOps and automation success,” said company CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani. “Extending automation—making it pervasive across every environment—is critical to delivering better software, faster.” 

In 2017, Puppet’s State of DevOps research revealed that, although organisations successfully deliver business outcomes with DevOps practices and modern automation, success is often isolated to specific teams within much larger IT organisations. For Puppet, the next era of automation is about scaling that automation success to transform how companies operate.

Not knowing what’s in a company’s IT inventory is often the first hurdle that prevents teams from getting started with automation.

The journey to pervasive automation starts with discovering existing resources. One of the newest additions to the Puppet portfolio, Puppet Discovery, allows users to discover and take action on what’s running across their IT estate. It’s the only product that treats traditional, cloud, and container-based infrastructure and applications as first-class citizens. It features an intuitive dashboard that provides insights about infrastructure—and gives users the power to automate and manage it. Puppet Discovery will be generally available in mid-May 2018.

In addition, the latest version of Puppet Enterprise includes enhancements that empower customers with the breadth and depth they need to automate infrastructure faster and more securely. These include tools which allows users to define node groups corresponding to business functions or units, as well as a faster, more user-friendly console and simplified backup and recovery features.

Organisations have struggled to break down traditional Dev and Ops silos because these teams rely on disconnected processes and tools to automate infrastructure and application delivery. New to the Puppet Enterprise family is Continuous Delivery for PE. The new offering brings the continuous integration and continuous delivery experience that developers love to the world of infrastructure-as-code, helping standardise the way customers deliver their infrastructure. Ops teams can now use the same tools and interface as their dev teams to build, test and promote Puppet code through a standardised delivery pipeline. Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise will be available in June.

Customers need technology breadth and depth, and Puppet is helping them automate manual, error-prone process across whatever they have—traditional infrastructure, cloud, containers, networking and application development. This is delivered through its partner ecosystem, which expanded today to include new collaborations and innovations with Barracuda, Cisco, Microsoft and Nutanix to extend pervasive automation across on-premises and cloud environments.

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